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Nota bene: all wines on this list are located right in the middle of the price range = $40.

Bollig-Lehnert Trittenheimer Apotheke, R Kabinett 2007, Mosel, Germany

Astounding for the price, hits all the marks you expect in a Riesling—lush fruit, hints of petrol, and a crisp mineral-laden finish.

Clean Slate Riesling, Mosel, Germany

Powerful, focused, sings to the heavens, glorious harmony of sweet and crisp fruit flavours.

Note: this is a non-vintage wine.

Domaines Schlumberger Riesling, Les Prin


In the wine-loving community it is a well-known fact, that out of all white wines Riesling is probably the best one!

Not the Chardonnay, not even the Sauvignon Blanc have that same kind of a rich flavor, which the Riesling varietal has. That is why we’ve chosen this wine for our Ultimate list this week…

Move up the quality scale and things get interesting. Riesling is the most terroir-specific of varietals—that is, it’s a mirror of the place in which it is grown. Having tasted more than 200 Rieslings from six different countries and four different American regions, ranging in price from less than US$10 to more than $100, writer Dan Beweildered penned this list of his 24 personal favourites.


Gunderloch, Jean-Baptiste Riesling, Rheinhessen Kabinett 2007, Germany

A supremely delicate expression of all that’s wonderful about German Riesling.

Hosmer Winery Riesling 2008, Cayuga Lake, New York

Very fine for the modest price, shows real Riesling personality.

Jacob’s Creek Reserve Riesling 2009, Australia

Balanced, clean, crisp and quaffable.

Kallfelz R Kabinett 2008, Mosel Germany

A great example of the power and contradictions of a German Riesling.

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