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Grove Mill Riesling 2008 New Zealand

Having tasted more than 200 Rieslings from six different countries and four different American regions, ranging in price from less than US$10 to more than $100, writer Dan Beweildered penned this list of his 24 personal favourites.

In the wine-loving community it is a well-known fact, that out of all white wines Riesling is probably the best one!

Not the Chardonnay, not even the Sauvignon Blanc have that same kind of a rich flavor, which the Riesling varietal has. That is why we’ve chosen this wine for our Ultimate list this week…


Nota bene: all wines on this list are located right in the middle of the price range = $40.

Bollig-Lehnert Trittenheimer Apotheke, R Kabinett 2007, Mosel, Germany

Astounding for the price, hits all the marks you expect in a Riesling—lush fruit, hints of petrol, and a crisp mineral-laden finish.

Clean Slate Riesling, Mosel, Germany

Powerful, focused, sings to the heavens, glorious harmony of sweet and crisp fruit flavours.

Note: this is a non-vintage wine.

Domaines Schlumberger Riesling, Les Princes Abbes 2007, Alsace

Soft minerality and a tad off-dry.

Graf Hardegg R, Von Schloss 2008, Austria

A surprisingly delicate and gentle Austrian Riesling, hints of real minerality.

Grove Mill Riesling 2008 New Zealand

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